"Pine and Oak Alley, The Love of a Father"

On the banks of the Teche, on the outskirts of old Petit Paris (St. Martinville, LA), there is an alley of Pine and Oak trees planted by Monsieur Charles Durand...beneath the trees, one of the grandest weddings ever to be held in Louisiana took place. Little did Monseir Durand know that this wedding he gave his two daughters would be relived time and time again in history books, newspaper articles, and magazines for generations to come! Nor did he know, that this "alley" of his beloved trees would become an historical landmark today! A man after his two daughters hearts, left a story to be told, that would touch generations to come! He was a wealthy man, but he shared his love of "extravagance" with his entire Petis Paris community that remarkable night under the Pines and Oaks!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charles' Children

Children of Monsieur Charles Gerome Durand (list is not complete yet)

Children with Amelie Marie Leblanc Durand:
Charles Germone, 1828, Amelie Virginie,1829, Leontine,1832, Constance,1834, Boy Durand,1835, died in infancy, Marie Elmire, 1837, Irma Marie,1839, Marie Rose,1842, Rene Maurice,1845. (Amelie died in 1845)

Children with Eloise Alida Verret: Jerome Oscar, 1846, Marie Charlotte, 1847,died when she was 2 years old, Marie Cecile,1849, Marie Eloise,1850, Marie Philomene,1852, Louis Benjamin,1853 (Charles and Eloise died in 1870)

(list will be update soon)

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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    I'm thrilled to have happened upon your blog (just by clicking on Charles Durand's portrait). Your blog is very well done, with some great pictures. How are you related to Charles, i.e., who was your grandfather - or great-grandfather?

    I am Elaine Erikson, granddaughter of Alice Durand Judice, who was one of John Leonce Durand & Amelia Marin's children, and the baby sister of Joseph Leonce (of Pine Grove). John Leonce Durand, was the son of Charles Germone, Jr. (first born child of the "famous" Charles & Amelie LeBlanc).

    I was so fortunate that my wonderful grandmother lived to be 104 and had many great stories to tell.

    Since you wrote about Nonk Durand and Tante Loule (as I called them), I thought maybe you might be a granddaughter (or great-grandaughter).

    Perhaps I can share some information that you might not currently have, if you're interested. I love delving into the history of my ancestors. I've been toying around with starting a blog myself. I'm on FB - ping me and we can start communicating. Or, email me at: eerikso@JUNO.com

    Elaine Erikson

    P.S. So glad you wrote about Sidney Mae - such a role model! Also, I'm so glad you mentioned the museum - - do they still have that video of the affair?