"Pine and Oak Alley, The Love of a Father"

On the banks of the Teche, on the outskirts of old Petit Paris (St. Martinville, LA), there is an alley of Pine and Oak trees planted by Monsieur Charles Durand...beneath the trees, one of the grandest weddings ever to be held in Louisiana took place. Little did Monseir Durand know that this wedding he gave his two daughters would be relived time and time again in history books, newspaper articles, and magazines for generations to come! Nor did he know, that this "alley" of his beloved trees would become an historical landmark today! A man after his two daughters hearts, left a story to be told, that would touch generations to come! He was a wealthy man, but he shared his love of "extravagance" with his entire Petis Paris community that remarkable night under the Pines and Oaks!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Evangeline" The Song of a Techelander) A.E. Diedonne

(The Song of a Techelander)

by A. E. Diudonne' Copyright 1929

In the beautiful land of the Teche Stream,
place of romance and dream,
There's a story we hear brings a sigh and a tear;
It's a memory year after year.

Oh! Fair was the mil, true was the lad,
That made the story sad.
We wonder and wonder, as we live in this dream,
Oh! What a Queen was Evangeline!

Evangeline! Evangeline!
You live forever on this stream!

The moonlit night, brings us delight,
of you and Gabriel, in your plight;
The same "Old Oak," If it had spoken,
No hearts would ever have been broken.

The Oak's still here,
where you passed near,
Evangline! Evangeline!

Written with Piano Tune Uke, Valse Moderato
(written by our great-grandfather, whose daughter married a descendant of Charles Durand)
Al E. Dieudonne was a composer, songwriter, and later a printer. He opened "The TecheLander Shop" in New Iberia originally to publish his songs and poems. The TecheLander Shop later became known as Al's Print Shop by the banks of the Bayou Teche, which my father, Ron, owned and operated with Albert's son, Al, for many, many years)

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